February 7, 2017

Meet Twilka Zabour: Star Survivor @vscotttheauthor #RLFblog #SFR

Welcome Twilka Zabour from Star Survivor, a new Science Fiction Romance by Veronica Scott.
Title Star Survivor
Genre SciFi Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13+
The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.
They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.
Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?
D'nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady. Now Twilka's within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.
But Khevan is not Twilka's only pursuer. Will Khevan and Twilka's ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?

Meet Twilka Zabour

Age: early 30's (but people live much longer in the future)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: on a rich Inner Sector planet
Profession: Fashion Designer/Interstellar Celebutante
Species (for scifi/fantasy characters):Human
Please provide a physical description of yourself.
Depends on the day and my mood! Usually about 5'5", brown eyes, good figure, hair brunette but subject to change on a whim.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
I'm one of 37 children – my father is a generational billionaire and has had many wives and girlfriends. I used to spend all my time pleasure seeking and going wherever the excitement was to be found in the galaxy, but after surviving the titanic wreck of the cruise liner Nebula Dream, I realized I was capable of doing so much more. I established my own business as a fashion designer. Yes, I took a loan from my Dad, but I gave him a detailed business plan and have since paid him back. Sometimes I appear in trideo entertainments (equivalent to your movies) as myself. My earlier reputation as a 'celebrity' helps the business.
Who is the significant other in your life?
Khevan, a member of the D'nvannae Brotherhood. We fell in love during the catastrophic events of the Nebula Dream, but then he left me with no explanation…until we meet again at the start of Star Survivor.
How do you dress?
In the height of interstellar fashion, as decreed by me. (Twilka laughs) I source unusual materials from many worlds and try to give back by commissioning local women to create special designs, fabrics and accessories for my collections. I like dramatic clothes that capture attention, although I can be found in a simple cotton dress and sandals if the situation requires it. I don't do gimmicks but find my inspiration in the art, natural wonders and culture of planets I visit. I try to be respectful and mindful of the local beliefs and traditions.
Are you book-smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
Mostly self taught and widely experienced. Watching my father and my older brothers and sisters work in the Sectors corporate world taught me so much. My Dad would discuss business at the dinner table when he was home, and sometimes took us younger kids to the office or on business trips to observe. He intended for various of his offspring to take over different aspects of his corporate empire. Of course then I did the teenage rebellion thing! My years of traveling with fellow rich kids and idle celebrities were a school of hard knocks and dumb choices leading to my learning through consequences. I've also had some amazing mentors since I started my own business.
Do you get by, live comfortably, live extravagantly?
Classic poor little rich girl here. Never appreciated my good fortune properly until I survived the wreck and then decided to have my own business. Now that I make my own credits and pay my own bills, I'm much more sensible about what luxuries I give myself, and I try to give back on the worlds where I obtain my fabrics and accessories. A certain portion of profits from Zabour Designs goes to worthy projects, different on each planet, depending what they need most.
On what special skills do you rely?
I've always been able to draw and paint, and since I was a child I'd sketch clothing and accessories. I love to design. Even when the situation is at its worst in Star Survivor, I try to handle my stress by doing new drawings. I'm good with people, I understand business and I've learning I'm very good in a crisis situation. Not much rattles me.
If someone from your past showed up, who would you most want it to be, and why?
For five years I dreaded meeting Khevan again, since he'd left me with no explanation and returned to the service of the Red Lady, the goddess he served. Yet on the other hand, I longed to give him a piece of my mind…and maybe a second chance. So when we did encounter each other at the beginning of the adventure known as Star Survivor, I had so many mixed emotions to deal with.
What past event causes you the most fear?
I used to have terrible flashbacks to certain events that happened during the wreck of the Nebula Dream, but if Khevan and I were going to survive the Red Lady's wrath in Star Survivor, I literally had to face those fears and overcome them. The advantage I had this time – besides Khevan's love – was that I know myself now and how strong I really.

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About Veronica Scott

Best Selling Science Fiction & Paranormal Romance author and "SciFi Encounters" columnist for the USA Today Happily Ever After blog, Veronica Scott grew up in a house with a library as its heart. Dad loved science fiction, Mom loved ancient history and Veronica thought there needed to be more romance in everything. When she ran out of books to read, she started writing her own stories.
Married young to her high school sweetheart then widowed, Veronica has two grown daughters, one grandson and cats Keanu and Jake.
Veronica's life has taken many twists and turns, but she always makes time to keep reading and writing. Everything is good source material for the next novel or the one after that, right? She's been through earthquakes, tornadoes and near death experiences…Always more stories to tell, new adventures to experience—Veronica's personal motto is, "Never boring."


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