March 14, 2017

Is It True: Targeted by @kelownawriter #romanticsuspense #RLFblog

Play Is It True with today's guest Beverley Bateman, author of Targeted, a Romantic Suspense. This is a game in which authors answer yes and no questions. They can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.

First, tell us about your book.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
After and eleven-year absence Janna Kincaid inherits a ranch and is forced to return to a town she only remembers with unhappiness, a man to whom she was briefly married and never wants to see again, and someone is trying to kill her.
Kye Hawkins has loved Janna since he first met her. They were married but a few weeks later she ran away, without an explanation. He still hasn't figured out why. Now she's coming back. Does she still love him? Can he rekindle the romance and also prevent her from being killed?
Janna doesn't want Kye's help in anyway, yet he always seems to be there when she's in trouble. Can they work together to find a killer, save the Native burial ground and home of the spirits, and find romance again?
Now, tell us Yes or No for each answer below. Feel free to explain any (or none) of your answers.

Is it true:

this is your first book? No
this book is part of a series? Yes. It's the third in the Hawkins Ranch series.
you lost sleep while writing this book? No
you did research for this book? Yes – lots of research on ranch life and the Blackfoot tribe
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example) Yes
this book has more than one genre? Yes - western, romance and suspense
you speak more than one language? No
you grew up where you live now? No
you love to read? Yes
you are never late?
you love pizza? Yes
you love sushi? Yes
you have a pet? Yes - two

Where can we find your book online?

Beverley Bateman Social Media

Beverley Bateman started writing when the locked room murders were popular and loved to write a few of them. Recently she left the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada with her husband and two Shiba Inu dogs for Medicine Hat, Alberta. It's smaller and more friendly. She lives there in the summer, and winters in Tucson, AZ away from the snow and cold. She writes in both places. Hunted, Missing and the newest – Targeted are part of her Montana series. She also has her Holly Devine series; A Cruise to Remember, and a Murder to Forget. Don't Go is her darker romantic suspense. And By Design, a medical thriller will be out soon.
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  1. Wonderful post. I liked learning more about your book! :)

  2. Great interview. I am getting where I enjoy Western romance and yours sounds like an interesting read.

  3. Happy to have you here. :) I shared your post on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Pinterest.


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