March 16, 2017

Anchor Leg: An LGBT #SciFi Novel @JackCroxall #RLFblog #LGBT

Humanity has spilled out into the solar system, into a succession of giant space stations known as the Relay. Seren Temples is a security apprentice running the Relay's Anchor Leg. Her ship forced off course, sensors detect an automated distress signal. The ship responsible for the signal is a zero-G graveyard. Inside its vast hold, nothing but a single vial of frozen blood.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

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Author and scriptwriter Jack Croxall was trained as an environmental scientist, but soon realized a life in the lab wasn't for him. After discovering a passion for writing he's now an author, blogger and budding scriptwriter. He works in multiple genres but, whatever he's writing, he always tries to ensure that he's telling a good story with recognizable characters and relevant themes at its core. After all, fiction has a lot to say about the real world. He loves books, films and the outdoors.
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    1. Thanks for having me! Love the site and all the top posts :D Have posted in all the usual places too !!


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