April 3, 2017

Changing Fate a new novel @parthalan #RLFblog #romance #contemporary

Today's featured book is Changing Fate by Jennifer Allis Provost.
Genre Contemporary Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
"What would you give for a second chance with your first love?"
Cindy has loved Sean O'Rourke for as long as she can remember...
When Cindy Cavanaugh got pregnant at fifteen, she wasn't worried. After all, she knew Sean would always be there for her and their baby. Now twenty years have gone by, and she's Cindy Sullivan, stuck in a loveless marriage to Patrick, an ethically corrupt lawyer who controls her every move... And the daughter she shares with Sean is getting married.
Sean has never gotten over his first love, and seeing her again is almost more than he can bear...
When Sean arrives at his daughter's wedding rehearsal, it isn't the bride who takes his breath away. Cindy is just as smart and funny, but she not only is she married—Sean is in an unhappy relationship of his own. It seems their love is nothing more than a fond memory.
A moment of passion leads to unexpected complications...
After a few stolen moments during the reception, Sean is determined to be with Cindy again. As for Cindy, the only thing keeping her married is her controlling husband's ironclad prenuptial agreement—until she learns that her tryst with Sean led to more than just passion. Seeing this as her long awaited second chance, Cindy leaves her husband and runs back to Sean, but Patrick is prepared to use any means necessary—legal or otherwise—to keep Cindy by his side.
As Cindy and Sean struggle to build a new life together, will they succeed in Changing Fate?
Publisher Limitless Books

Jennifer Allis Provost Social Media

Jennifer writes books about faeries, orcs and elves. Zombies too. She grew up in the wilds of Western Massachusetts and had read every book in the local library by age twelve. (It was a small library). An early love of mythology and folklore led to her epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Parthalan, and her day job as a cubicle monkey helped shape her urban fantasy, Copper Girl. When she's not writing about things that go bump in the night (and sometimes during the day) she's working on her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.


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