December 13, 2014

LS Books 7: Flash Fiction Party #FlashFiction @LSB_lsbooks #RLFblog

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For the final day of our week with Liquid Silver Books, we're having a Flash Party. Flash Parties are a way to challenge yourself as a writer by being succinct. For this one, use no more than 100 words. Can you do it? Of course. Will you? That remains to be seen. That number of words is little more than a paragraph. Five sentences with twenty words each and you're done. Ten sentences with ten words each, or you could use a different rhythm for your words altogether, as I have done in this paragraph, which is exactly 100 words.

The Art of the Moment

One of the most important elements of any story is the seemingly unscripted moment. You know the one. A word that catches the ear. A sideways glance. Unintended brush of their hands. Happenstance at its best. All very tricky, the writer's sleight of hand. The place in your story where the magic starts. The magic that keeps the reader turning the pages.

Today we're going to flash those magic moments in exactly one-hundred words. Jack meets Jill, Paul falls for Bob, or Judy is smitten with Lizzy. Paint that moment. Let us see that glance, hear those words, or experience the touch that launces our couple on their journey.
Here's how it works. Below in the comments post the title and body of your flash. One-hundred words excluding the title. I recommend Word as your scratchpad. It will give you a word count at the bottom. Then you can continue your flash in subsequent comments. The title is important so your fans can follow your story.

And remember Flash is just like the moment you're trying to create. Unscripted, imperfect, and completely captivating. Kick back, clear your mind, and let go.

Have fun.
Roscoe "RJ" James
for Liquid Silver Books
Flash Fiction with Liquid Silver Books

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December 12, 2014

LS Books 6: Spotlight on Authors @LSB_lsbooks #RLFblog #amreading

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Today we'll have some fun

Spotlight – Author Day

Fight Princess
We asked authors to send us a favorite line from their book(s) … the one that made them love a character more or want to kick them to the curb?
Fight Princess, Full Contact Book 1 by M. S. Kaye
"I'll do whatever I have to do to keep you safe--even if it means losing whatever chance I might have of gaining any kind of affection from you."
Blackout by Allison B. Hanson
"It would probably be better if you just killed me, I'm going to die from embarrassment anyway," he admitted with a small grin.
Dawning of Light, Lightbearer Book 2 by Tami Lund
Her gaze dropped to his lap. Finn shifted uncomfortably. Did she think he was hung like a horse? If her expectations were that high, he probably shouldn't take her home tonight. Otherwise they'd both be disappointed.
Loving Link, Love and Music Book 2 by T.D. Hassett.
"You are so beautiful, I could write a hundred songs about you." Link whispered before pulling her head closer and softly kissing her lips.
Club Belle Tori, Club Belle Tori Book 1 by Michelle Hoppe
"You taste so very good, I could drink from your body all night." His seductive voice washed over her as his lips locked once more to start the dance of tongues again.
Traces, Ghosts of Roseville Book 1 by Betty Bolté
Sometimes our scars help show the strength we've developed through the adversity in our lives.
Wild Side by Laurel Richards
"You know, they say if you apply pressure to a certain spot of the sole, you can stimulate every nerve in the body."
In Season, Children of Nanook Book 2 by Allie Ritch
"Any male who calls you unworthy is a fool."
Lying for Love by Jocelyn Dex
Miles leaned in and kissed her cheek before saying, "You're the loveliest bloated woman here."
(Why do I love this line? Because it makes me laugh!)
Forever Caspia by Michelle Hoppe
"I didn't want to be in your line of fire, Princess. Vases hitting my head, nails scratching my eyes out, or teeth sinking into my arm are not my idea of foreplay." Tiro laughed at his own words and the look of shock now clouding Callista's face.
Aaron's Will, Legacies Book 1 by DawnMarie Richards
Aaron's Will
"…I'm going insane with wanting you. I want you when I wake up, when I go to bed and every horrible minute in between. I want you when you're here and when you're not, when I'm in meetings with the board, when I'm at home eating my dinner. And I'm afraid, Dylan. I'm truly afraid I'm starting to hate you for making me deny it."
Private Encore by Elle Rush
"Did aliens beam off your clothing just before you tripped and fell on his dick?"
Finding Zoe, Atlantic Divide Book 3 by Diane Saxon
"Hi. My son asked me to come today. I wasn't sure if I could make it."
Future Prospect, Love Under a New Star Book 1 by Lynn Rae
There she was, beautiful, soft, and made for touching. So he did.
Tyburn, The Southwark Saga Book 1 by Jessica Cale
"I know enough about you. You're generous and kind, you're thoughtful and beautiful, and I can't get you out of my mind. I would like nothing more on this earth than to take you right here, or anywhere else, for that matter, but I want you to be mine."
Hard Act to Follow
Hard Act to Follow, Shooting Stars Book 3 by K. Vale
"I'm just scared I ruined a great thing trying for an amazing thing."
(I love how hard Greg loves Kyrie, first as a friend, and later with more intense feelings. The problem is he's scared that acting on his desires will screw up their current platonic relationship.)
Drama Queen, Hollywood to Olympus Book 2 by Elle Rush
"Football – that's the one with the brown ball that bounces funny when you dribble it, right?"
More Than Strangers, Safe Harbor Book 1 by Tara Quan
"Don't get all old-fashioned on me now. What I can or cannot handle is my call—in bed and out."
No One to Trust by Sharon Callender
"We can't just instantaneously pick up where we left off." Jenna heard her voice incrementally rising.
Belle Tori Too! Club Belle Tori Book 2 by Michelle Hoppe
"May the saints protect me from idiots and fools, both of which apply to you at the moment," she spat the words at him.
Desire Unleashed, Desire Book 1 by Layne Macadam
Desire Unleashed
"Sorry for what Shane?" She snapped. "Sorry for swearing at me? Sorry for thinking I'd slept with someone else while you were away, or sorry for being a prize jerk?"
Claimed By Love, Wild Hunters Book 1 by Skye Jones
"You're not pathetic. You left everything behind and came somewhere you didn't know anyone, and you did so partly to protect your family. And instead of giving in, you made a new life for yourself, far away from loved ones and while still healing from something terrible. That takes strength. It's not the absence of fear that makes us strong, it's coping with the fear. You did cope with it and you survived. You're a survivor, Kayley."
(The words Luke says that made me fall head over heels are when he comforts the novels heroine, Kayley, after she says she feels like a failure for running away after a violent attack. Him saying this is so important to Kayley. It helps her see things from a new perspective and it was the moment I truly fell for Luke as a hero.)
Cross My Heart, Heart Falls Heroes Book 1 by K.D. Friedrich
"I hate myself. Hate my weakness when it comes to you. Hate how much I want you. How much I still want you. I have no right to feel this way, yet I can't stop this need. Every time I see you … every time I fucking think about you, all I want is to knock you beneath me and bury myself inside you."
(One of my favorite line's that made me ache to wrap my arm's around Pete Cross in Cross My Heart)
A Gentleman's Folly by Daisy Banks
A Gentleman's Folly
"Brass ring indeed, Charles Henry Leverret. I'll turn you into a man of some merit before I'm done with you."
What the Duke Wants, Agents of Change Book 1 by Amy Quinton
(I struggled to find the perfect line/s for my quote. My main character/hero did many things that disgusted me and made me wonder if I was actually going to be able to redeem him in the end. I certainly wished to toss him out many times. In fact, his best friend, Cliff, was interested in my heroine and quite tempting to her. Especially as Cliff is such a charming and likeable character.  Cliff nearly steals the show. In this quoted scene, my heroine, Grace, has just witnessed the hero, Stonebridge (the duke) announce his engagement to another woman (at a ball) the day after they finally slept together!  Needless to say, she is devastated. He spies her leaving the ballroom and races after her. He catches up to her as she's about to exit the ball via a garden gate. The entire chapter is gut-wrenching after everything my hero does and says to fight his attraction to Grace because he feels he needs to do what he's supposed to do - not what he wants... The first sentence is the duke speaking and is written from his POV.)
"How did you think this was going to end, Grace? With a ring on your finger and a wedding at St. George's?"
She squared her shoulders and stood up to his cruel words. God, she was beautiful. A goddess. A light in his world of darkness.
"Contrary to what you might think, Your Grace, I had no expectations of how this would end, at all. However, I was under the mistaken impression that you were not a coward. You, with all your power and privilege, could have anything you want. At the very least, you could have found a way to speak to me today. After last night, yes, I admit, I had thought there might be a possibility. . ." She stopped and shook her head. She laughed to herself, a self-deprecating laugh he hated to hear at the moment. She said something else instead. "I had thought you were a real man." She looked him up and down. "I see I was mistaken."
Then, she turned to leave.
Cliff stood behind her, and he was beyond furious. He gave her a brief, reassuring smile, though, before confronting him. "Name your seconds. . ."
Not For Me, Toronto Book 1 by Laura Jardine
Not For Me
"It's not a job interview."
"No, it's worse. A totally unfamiliar social situation."
Midnight Caller, Moonlight Romance Book 1 by Haley Whitehall
"I am here to service you, my lady. Not myself."
Going Under, Secret Blood Book 3 by Emma Weylin
"I love you too much to stay." ~Tiberius
Ruled By the Moon, Nocturne Book 1 by Naomi Bellina
Damn she looked fine, a smudge of paint on her face and in her hair, still breathing hard from their kiss.
(One of my favorite lines. I had a hard time choosing!)
Nightwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel Book 1 by Rhonda L. Print
(My favorite line from one of my characters? So glad you asked as it popped right into my head. It's from my debut novel, Nightwalker: A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel and it's spoken by Leah Wolfe to her ex-fiancé when he told her that the affair he had was an accident.)
"An accident?" I asked incredulously. "A fucking accident. You just happened to have a hard on and 'accidentally' fell into her. Is that what you're going to stand there and tell me? Fuck you. Fuck this."
Love Me Not
Love Me Not by Villette Snowe
The kiss was light, and then I paused. "Stop me," I said, "if I hurt you."
Explosive Combination by KaLyn Cooper
Harper grabbed his arm and flipped him onto the bed face down, arms locked behind his back, a steak knife to his throat. His legs were splayed, and her knee nudged his crotch.
"Harper," he choked out, "I'm CIA. I'm one of the good guys."
The Diner by Michelle Hoppe
"I never realized a man could kiss, unbutton a shirt, and unhook a bra, all in fifteen seconds."
Isabel's Awakening, Love and Music Book 1 by T.D. Hassett
"That was very naughty, Isabel. You were told to stay still and not to let go of the bedclothes." He punctuated the last word with a swift slap to her right ass cheek. She felt the quick sting and jerked down into the bed. He rubbed the sting away with his warm palm. "Now stay still this time," he ordered.

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December 11, 2014

LS Books 5: Spotlight on Series @LSB_lsbooks #RLFblog #amreading

Liquid Silver Books
Everyone should fall madly in love at least once ... a day! Contemporary, paranormal, GLBT, romantic suspense, and more, LSB has over 100 series. Liquid Silver Books ... feed your need to read!

Contemporary Romance Series

Nothing says lovin' . . . like something from the pages of an romance book!
A Retribution Novel by Edie Jo Gibson
A Working Girl's Guide by Allyson Lindt
Shore Feels Right
Atlantic Divide by Diane Saxon
Banshee Exodus by Alexi Raymond
Bits & Bytes by Allyson Lindt
Canadian Heroes by Elise Whyles
Desire by Layne Macadam
Dirty White Candy by Anita Cox
Exposure by Kristin Leigh
Friends and Lovers by Nadia Aidan
Gulf Shore by Annette Mardis
Hot Studs in Construction by Blaise Kilgallen
In Cancun by KaLyn Cooper
Kissin' Cops by Christa Paige
L.A. Love Lessons by PG Forte
Legacies by DawnMarie Richards
Love and Music by T.D. Hassett
Love Around the Corner by Lynn Rae
Pine Lake by Tiffany Marie
Southern Comfort by Lisa Marie
Stripper Chronicles by Karen Monroe
The Double M Ranch by Sherri Thomas
The Racing Romance by Rae Monet
Wounded Warrior by Kristin Leigh

Historical Romance Series

Midnight Heat
Dreaming of the silent adoration of a Mr. Darcy type in a Regency novel? Stop dreaming.
A Cardiff Novel by Danita Minnis
Moonlight Romance by Haley Whitehall
The Solarian Warrior by Rae Monet
The Devane Files by Denyse Bridger
The Princes by Robin Danner
The Southwark Saga by Jessica Cale

GLBT Romance Series

It is not the length of the romance story, but the way he uses ... whoops! Wrong quote!
Amusing Amanda by D.J. Manly
Chronicles of Ylandre by Eresse
Lucifer's Boys by Maire Dees
Seeking Redemption by Cameron Dane
Shooting Stars by K. Vale

Fantasy Romance Series

Something wicked this way comes ... hope he is wearing leather.
Into the Light
A Bonded Fantasy by Mima
Blood Royals by L. Shannon
Captive Fates by Tara Quan
Crystal Keys by Vicky Burkholder
Fairytale League by S.E. Babin
Fate by Emma Sinclair
Icarus Reborn by Bernadette Gardner
Lightbearer by Tami Lund
Lords of Time by Ashlynn Monroe
Love Cursed by Emma Weylin
Orkney Selkies by Rosanna Leo
The Hellfire Club by Belladonna Bordeaux
Zinah by Lila Dubois

Paranormal Romance Series

Of course paranormal romance is make-believe. Now read before we sic the flying monkeys on you.
A Danny Lee Novel by Mara Lee
A Gooden and Knight Mystery by Monette Michaels
Bloodlines by Toni L. Meilleur
Coven of the Wolf by Rae Morgan
Dragon's Disciple by Barbara Sheridan, Anne Cain
Gemini Island Shifters by Rosanna Leo
Ghosts of Roseville by Betty Bolté
Leah Wolfe SINS by Rhonda L. Print
Handlers by Lynn Tyler
Mr. Grey by A.J. Matthews
Nocturne by Naomi Bellina
Northwood Jags by Serena Shay
Orion Authority by Lisa Andel
Out of Bounds by Christy Gissendaner
Pack Mates by Lynn Tyler
Predator by H.E. McVay
Princess of Hell by Eve Langlais
PSI Corps by Xakara
Riding Hood Tales by Nina S. Gooden
Secret Blood by Emma Weylin
Shifters of Hillside by Cherie Nicholls
Snowdonia Wolves by Sofia Grey
Sterling Moon by Colleen Love
The Blood by Alianne Donnelly
The Blood Vine by Christa Paige
The Dark Wolf by Amanda Jayde
The Immortals by Elizabeth Finn
The Malone Brothers by Madison Scott
The McCallan Legacy by Theodora Lane
The Stonegars by J. Hali Steele
The Westervelt Wolves by Rebecca Royce
Time Walkers by Emma Weylin
Wolf Clan Shifters by Ann Gimpel
Wolf Masters by Becca Jameson

Romantic Suspense Series

Everyone has a sexual skeleton in the closet ... and it's often the most interesting thing about them.
Black Rose Erotic Mysteries by Daisy Miller
Burnt Bridge, Alaska by Stacy Ray Phillips
Full Contact by M. S. Kaye
Heart of Justice by Denise A. Agnew
Hearts of Dixie by Jolie Cain
Men of the Jungle by Jerri Drennen
Racing Hearts by Anson Barber
Safe Harbor by Tara Quan
Security Specialist International by Monette Michaels
The Snatcher by Miranda Stowe
Underground Heat by Ann Gimpel

Science Fiction Romance Series

Explore strange worlds. Seek out new life ... with stimulating anatomy.
In Season
Alien Sex Ed by Allie Ritch
Children of Nanook by Allie Ritch
Dealing With the Dead by Tina Holland
Galactic League of Planets by Roscoe James
Love Under a New Star by Lynn Rae
New Humanity by Maria Violante
The Command by Jennifer Leeland
The Limit War by Nico Rosso
The Prime Chronicles by Monette Michaels

Romantic Comedy Series

Behind every satisfied woman is an exhausted man.
Drama Queen
Hollywood to Olympus by Elle Rush
Reigning Men by Lillian Grant
Toronto by Laura Jardine
Whisper Hollow by Kelli Evans

Urban Fantasy Romance Series

When caught between two fantasies, we suggest the one you haven't tried.
After the Crash by Maddy Barone
A Nikki Reece Novel by Mara Lee
Undead Fairy Tales by Tara Quan

Steampunk Romance Series

We know all the ropes when it comes to romantic novels. And how to tie them!
Balloc Manor by Lyn Brittan
The Blackwell Legacy by Nina S. Gooden

Multi-Author Romance Series

Liquid Silver romances have given more pleasure in bed than any mere lover.


Tipping the Scales
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